Somerset Liberal Democrats celebrate gigafactory news

28 Feb 2024
gideon bill

Local Liberal Democrats are celebrating the news that thousands of jobs are set to be created in Somerset by a £4bn project announced today (Wednesday).

Agratas has confirmed plans to build a gigafactory producing EV batteries at the Gravity Smart Campus site at Puriton, near Bridgwater – formerly home to the Royal Ordnance Factory.

It would create up to 4,000 jobs. plus many more as part of the supply chain.

Cllr Bill Revans, the Lib Dem leader of Somerset Council, said: "This is momentous for the county, its economy and for future generations.

“It’s about seizing an incredible opportunity to be at the heart of the UK’s green energy industry that will create thousands of highly skilled, well-paid, green jobs.

 “Agratas’s huge investment in the county has the potential to transform the local and regional economy.

“We are committed to making this work for Somerset, its residents and our business community.

“We know how to deliver significant projects and work with communities to maximise the benefits of investment into our county.”

Gideon Amos, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Taunton and Wellington, added: “Bill Revans and the rest of the Lib Dem team at Somerset Council have done a great job to land this important investment for Somerset.

"In my meetings with Bill, we have discussed the key potential benefits to Taunton as the key mainline transport hub for Gravity and I’ll keep working closely with him to ensure Taunton and Wellington see the maximum benefit from the project.”.