Gideon Amos applauds protection of local services

14 Feb 2024
PHOTO: Gideon Amos is pictured outside Vivary Park with Cllr Tom Deakin, town council leader, and Cllr Amber Packer-Hughes, town councillor for Vivary Ward.

He said: “I am absolutely delighted that Tom Deakin and the rest of our Lib Dem team on Taunton Town Council have this week secured the continued provision of CCTV, security of park gates and the Visitor Centre in Taunton town centre.

“These were all under threat after Conservative government cuts to local councils and their reduction of social care funding by 60% just before Christmas.

“Taunton’s LibDem team have taken the tough decisions needed to ensure the funding is in place to put the safety and security of our county town first.

“Unfortunately, the local Conservative MP has completely failed to come to the aid of Somerset and Taunton Town Councils as they negotiate the recent financial emergency - and didn’t even turn up to the urgent debate in Parliament on Somerset’s finances!”

“It’s time people in Taunton and Wellington didn’t just have the voice of the Conservative government in their midst but actually had an MP who will stand up to those in power when they need it most”.