4,535 burglaries unsolved in Avon and Somerset

12 Feb 2024
gideon benet burglary

New analysis from the Liberal Democrats has revealed that a staggering 4,535 burglaries went unsolved across Avon and Somerset in the year ending September 2023. 

This means that, on average, 12 burglaries across the force area went unsolved every single day.

Meanwhile, only 351 resulted in a suspect being charged - equivalent to just 6% of cases.

Taunton and Wellington Liberal Democrats have slammed the Conservative Government for these alarming figures, arguing that years of ineffective resourcing have left local police forces overstretched and unable to focus on frontline crime like burglaries.

This includes taking 16 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) off the streets in Avon and Somerset since 2015 - a 5% decrease.

This means that, as of September 2023, there are only 315 PCSOs on the streets across the force area.

The Liberal Democrats are demanding a return to proper community policing, where officers are visible, trusted and focused on tackling neighbourhood crime. 

The party is also calling for a new Burglary Response Guarantee, under which all domestic burglaries would be attended by the police and properly investigated.

Gideon Amos, the Lib Dems’ Parliamentary candidate for Taunton and Wellington, said: “With the vast majority of burglaries still going unsolved in Avon and Somerset, too many people feel unsafe in their own homes.

“We now see the budget put forward by the Conservatives’ Police and Crime Commissioner will cut 80 Police Community Support Officers from our streets.

“Time and again, this Conservative Government has failed to deliver the absolute basics of stopping and solving crime. But enough is enough.

“Our area deserves better. It’s high time to bring an end to this shameful burglar bailout - which is why Liberal Democrats will keep pushing the Conservatives to implement our Burglary Response Guarantee and get more bobbies on the beat.”

The Lib Dems Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Avon and Somerset, Benet Allen commented “Cutting the number of PCSOs by 80 is hardly going to help with the problem of unsolved crime and invisible policing in Avon and Somerset.  The Lib Dems will reach out to restore trust between the police and the community, all of which helps to cut crime.”